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Wensheng international competition class

The Wensheng International Tournament Players Class is a professional plan specially created for the private children of top stars. In today's era of diversified education, it is not enough for any entrance examination to rely solely on subject test scores, and more participation and award-winning records in off-campus competitions are needed to stand out among the high school students.

Wensheng international competition contestant class has many years of professional teaching experience, upholds a lively and professional educational spirit, leading children into the celebrity private world that everyone envies.



Professional teaching materials

Wensheng private school professional teaching materials are specially designed for children who are promoted to private schools. The content is compiled by professional teachers with many years of experience in accordance with the teaching guidelines of private schools. Bible" textbooks.


experienced teachers

Wensheng has studied private school preparatory courses for many years, and is familiar with private school's questioning mode and preparation planning. It also cooperates with Wensheng's original regular teacher training, so that children can learn with peace of mind and high quality.



High-quality learning environment enhances competitiveness

To have a good learning quality, the environment is very important! In addition to the bright and comfortable space of Wensheng teaching space, the surrounding students are full of efficient competitiveness. A good learning atmosphere is one of the important factors in the learning process of children.


Regulars on celebrity private lists

Wensheng international competition contestant class upholds a professional teaching attitude and careful parent-teacher communication, so that children not only have amazing performance in their studies, but also carefully plan for their children in the planning of further studies. Since Wensheng class has accumulated star private The number of people on the list is as high as ?? people, which can be described as a constant winner on the list in private.



​ After-school tutoring for intractable diseases

Wensheng's after-school tutoring provides students with comprehensive learning remedial courses according to their learning conditions, so that students can immediately fill in the loopholes in their concepts, and through exercises in the classroom, they have achieved concept integration and mastery.

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