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​National three general subjects
Junior 3rd Multiple Subject Class

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The most professional teaching team

Wen Shengguo always rushes for the third exam, and specially hires the strongest teaching team in Taiwan. With years of teaching experience and the ability to accurately guess questions in the exam, children can be sure of winning the exam.


Accurate and clear review notes

Wensheng's professional teaching team, after many years of running the math sprint class for the exam, sorted out the most incisive concepts and key points before the exam.


Mock Examination Mock Test

Through the joint simulation test, not only can children be familiar with the feeling of answering the exam questions, but also can find the gaps in the child's concept review, and immediately fill in the gaps in the concept, and improve the accuracy of the child's answering in the exam.


Highly Competitive Learning Environment

The Wensheng Examination Math Review Class comes from top elite students from various schools. In addition, the tutors in the class strictly control the learning. The students' classrooms create a good and highly competitive learning environment, giving children a learning environment where they encourage each other and have a good reading score.

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